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Welcoming Arms

Fri 9th Apr 2010
In the fall of 2006 an outreach ministry called Welcoming Arms was formed. This ministry was under discussion for some years by the pastors of a number of churches in Aurora, searching for a way to work together to optimize the financial and human resources used to help the needy families in Aurora. A pilot was launched between:
  • Our Lady of Grace
  • Aurora United
  • Trinity Anglican
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian
whose congregations donated monthly funds and provided willing volunteers. The purpose was threefold:
  1. Provide needy families in Aurora with food vouchers, bus tickets, cleaning supplies and toilettries
  2. Provide information on resources available in York Region
  3. Provide a listening ear in an environment that encourages and does not judge
The mission statement was, an still is: "In loving partnership, we seek to be the hands and feet of Christ by promoting human, physical,and spiritual well being in our community."

In 2009 the Aurora Cornerstone joined the other churches with more talented, compasionate and willing volunteers. The work goes on and the need is great. In 2009 we had 1169 visits representing families with a total of 3200 adults and children.

This ministry is a solid example fo churches of different denominations working together in harmony towards Christ's commandment to us to help those in need.