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Y'All Come

Wed 9th May 2012 Add comment

Here at BUC we have a gospel band. The Olde Tyme Gospel Band was formed 8 years ago. There are now nine members who practice every Tuesday night. On the last Sunday of every month they provide the music for the early service and on top of that they have a very special ministry. Once a month they play at The Pines Seniors Residence, they take their music out to many of our local and rural churches and every September the whole community gets to hear them playing at the Bracebridge Fall Fair.

Last night they treated us to a whole evening of fabulous gospel music. The sanctuary was full and not one person there could resist tapping their toes and humming along to their marvelous music. It was two hours that was entertaining, inspirational and touching.

In the course of their 8 years together they have raised over $16,000. That is remarkable. They give much of the money raised to the church; they keep some to upgrade their equipment – seems fair!

The money raised is a great benefit but the more important gift is their generosity of spirit and the entertaining way they communicate the gospel. They are true evangelists – giving people assurance and hope through their music. Their outreach into our congregation and into our community is a blessing through and through. Thank you to our Olde Tyme Gospel Band!