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Upcoming Bible Study - God's Grace

Published on Thu 10th Jan 2013

St. Thomas’ Anglican Church

St. Thomas’ is pleased to offer, commencing January 29, 2013 a weekly Bible Study on the topic of God’s Grace.

This study is a stand-alone part of the Christianity Basics course that we began early last year. It will be presented at a level that can be understood by those who consider themselves “novices” as well as by those who are more advanced in their understanding of the Bible. Everyone, therefore, is most welcome to join us in one of the 3 sessions held each week at the church, usually in Browning Hall and occasionally in Andrew Forest room.

Please note the times of the sessions are:

  • Tuesday 2 to 3 pm
  • Wednesday 2 to 3 pm
  • Wednesday 7 to 8 pm

The same material will be covered at each of the sessions allowing you to accommodate changes in your personal schedule and not miss attending. Please bring your Bible if you have one. Bibles will be available for reference if you do not yet own one.

Come and experience the joy in studying God’s Word in a setting that is gentle yet stimulating, informative but not intimidating, and light-hearted yet serious!

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